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What is Lyme Disease?

I can’t begin to tell you how many folks from all over our planet have called us about Lyme disease. The stories I have heard have actually made me cry. I know how hard this is for you and how hopeless it seems at times. After all the doctors, specialist, home remedies and what not, you are at wits end. I want you to know we’ll listen to you and we know what you’re going through.

CDC Weighs In

Lyme disease has now become one of the fastest growing epidemics to date. Why the alarming increase? Revised numbers from the CDC reflect that they have been under reporting Lyme disease. Instead of the 30,000 cases a year previously reported, the CDC has now issued a statement that the numbers are more in the range of 300,000 cases a year. 96% of these cases were reported from 13 states.

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Lyme is one of the most insidious bacterial infections imaginable and steals people’s lives, destroy families and generally makes life pretty miserable.

No one knows for sure how long Lyme disease has been around but the simple fact is Lyme disease is now a global pandemic transmitted by ticks of many different varieties.


You are outdoors and enjoying your day. Without warning, you are bitten by a tick. You may or may not even notice it. If you are one of the lucky 30%, you will get what is commonly referred to as a “bulls eye rash” at the site of the bite. Most people do not know what this bull’s-eye rash means and within a week or so it goes away and is soon forgotten. This is tragically unfortunate.

Because, had you known the bull’s-eye rash meant that you had Lyme disease you would have immediately sought medical attention and the doctor would have prescribed antibiotics. Had you taken antibiotics at the beginning of this infection, your Lyme disease would’ve been destroyed and you would be healthy.

However, whether you got a bull’s-eye rash or not the entire incident is forgotten. Years later, symptoms of Lyme disease begin to appear and you seek medical attention. Your physician orders a Lyme test (notoriously inaccurate) and announces that you have Lyme disease. He now begins to treat you on a regiment of progressively advanced antibiotics. These antibiotics are fundamentally ineffective; it is in fact the only tool that you doctor has to fight this bacterial infection.

Your life, as you know it, is over. Your life will circle around the symptoms of Lyme disease and how to eradicate it and mitigate the symptoms so that you can be functional. The pain gets worse. Your cognitive abilities decline. You’re beginning to wonder who you really are. Is there no hope?


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