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Colloidal Silver for Candida Eleimination


Candida is an imbalance of the candida albicans bacteria in your large bowel that causes a litany of symptoms that severely affect the quality of life for those that suffer from it.

In plain terms, candida is ruthless and pervasive and affects all the things that you take for granted in life and leaves you without answers. Most doctors have a hard time diagnosing it because the symptoms, as you will see, are so similar to other health issues. All they can do is prescribe the very thing that was the likely cause of the candida in the first place: antibiotics.


It’s a cycle of rotten health that leaves a wake of disaster after disaster.

But Candida albicans isn’t all bad. Nope. It’s actually an essential fungus that lives in many places of your body, like your large intestine to aid in killing off and managing toxic bacteria. It usually lives there in perfect harmony unless we do something that messes with it and kicks it out of balance.

Well, turns out we mess with that delicate balance all the time… every time you take any kind of antibiotic; even hand sanitizer does it. The results can be a catastrophic mess for your health.

For example, in your small intestine there are three pounds of healthy bacteria that do all kinds of essential things for the health of your immune system. When you take antibiotics, that healthy bacteria is mowed down and laid to waste. It’s all but eliminated by antibiotics.

The absence of that good bacteria leaves your immune system destitute. But your body knows it needs that good bacteria, or flora.

To try and fix the problem, your body over-compensates and starts to build up new Candida yeast. Well, that’s where the problem starts. Candida albicans is the first fungus to bounce back. It also happens to be one of the most powerful and hardest to control when the delicate balance of bacteria and fungi in your gut is disrupted.

Seeing how the candida albicans shows up first, it grows quickly and spreads.

It may eventually reach the blood stream and when that happens, symptoms are endless. It wreaks havoc.


Candida shows up in many forms:

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Thrush
  • Vaginal yeast infections
  • Common diaper rash


Nearly every diaper rash is fungal. Infants with diaper rash usually have a yeast infection and spraying colloidal silver on your baby’s bottom may eliminate diaper rash. Children, mostly between the ages three and nine, can be affected by chronic mouth yeast infections, normally seen around the mouth as white patches. However, this is not a common condition.


Not only can antibiotics NOT help, they are the CAUSE of Candida. Any doctor that gives you antibiotics for a fungal infection should be forced to resign from medicine.

Penicillin is a good example of a fungal by-product called a mycotoxin. It was discovered from a mold (mold is a fungus) experiment that Dr. Fleming was performing on a bacteria colony. He added some mold from bread to the colony and observed that the fungus killed all the bacteria; producing the substance he later named penicillin. The number one cause of yeast infection, antibiotics, was born in 1938 and is so over-prescribed today that yeast infection is a growing epidemic.


Another cause of yeast infection and the destruction of intestinal flora are anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen…

These two drugs are common over the counter medications that many people take. Very few people realize what they are doing to their health by taking them. America has become a nation of drug dependent people. Not a night goes by when you don’t see a TV commercial for some kind of drug promising some miraculous cure for something. These drugs all contribute to the destruction of bacteria and are a cause of yeast infection.


Another cause of yeast infection, theorized by some doctors are birth control pills. In the natural menstrual cycle of women, right after ovulation on about the 18th day, both progesterone and estrogen decline to very low levels. At the same time estradiol begins to rise into menses and then these three hormones return to normal. Most birth control pills contain estradiol in significant amounts and add to this problem.

The hormone link as a cause of yeast infection for women is very common. Almost all women that suffer from recurring vaginal yeast infections will tell you that they do indeed get flare ups at the third week of their cycle. Fortunately, there are now natural herbs and supplements to treat and balance the hormones to eliminate this problem, such as colloidal silver as a mineral supplement.

The effects of Candida on your body are huge and can cause severe symptoms. I’ll bet you want to know how you got Candida in the first place.


  1. You get an infection
  2. You get an infection
  3. You take an antibiotic
  4. It wipes out the good gut flora
  5. This allows Candida to grow rapidly
  6. The death of Candida creates more toxins
  7. Toxins weaken the immune system so you get an infection
  8. So you take more antibiotics


  • Colloidal silver products efficiently modulate the growth of candida
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  • Relieves brain-fog, sadness and tiredness quickly and safely
  • Costs under $10 a day

In FDA-certified independent in-vitro lab tests, the findings were astonishing; Nutrana Wellness® killed over 7.8 billion cells of Candida Albicans in less than 60 minutes. Imagine allowing your body’s bacterial balance to normalize and your discomforts to melt away.

We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are not satisfied, for whatever reason, we will buy back your Nutrana Wellness.

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