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Insect bites

Martha, a 65 year old woman from Pensylvania, called to chat with me about waking up with a couple of severe bug bites. She thought that they were spider bites.  She didn’t contact me until later that evening. She explained that the worst one was red, sore, and looked like a big bump.  As always, I suggested that she have her physician take a look at it. She said that she had been busy all day long but was now concerned about how she should approach the situation for bedtime care. After talking for a while, she decided that she was going to use NutranaSilver for the worst one on her right ankle and she was going to use an antibiotic cream on her left ankle.  Good news for her, she woke up and the bite on her right ankle, the one that she had used the NutranaSilver on, was NOT itchy, red, or sore anymore. The swelling wa gone. Unfortunately, the other bite  on her left ankle was still swollen and red. She used NutranaSilver on the left ankle and has had no more problems.A little note: please contact your physican if you have any questons.Another little note: NutranaSilver is a dark liquid and it wiil stain so please be careful when using it. 

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